Captain Composure

10 Sep

The Seahawks don’t see Tarvaris Jackson like the rest of the country sees Tarvaris Jackson. They see him as a leader.

When it came time to elect the one and only offensive captain, the Seahawks chose Jackson. ran an article with the title “Captain Composure” about Jackson’s leadership skills.

“It wasn’t a surprise,” QB coach Carl Smith said. “He has been the captain since he got here. So it was just affirmation with their vote. . . . Some of it is being the quarterback, but the players can tell in a hurry. With Tarvaris, it was fun to watch. It was like, ‘OK, he had them.’ ”

The logical inference here: Charlie Whitehurst doesn’t have them. Coach Pete Carroll called Jackson the “obvious choice” for captain.

“It meant a lot for me, being one of the new faces here,” Jackson said.“Just in this brief time the guys feel like I’m able to lead, so it was big. I’m going to live up to that and make sure I lead these guys.”

If nothing else, we appreciate the fact the Seahawks are so resolute about Jackson as their guy.

It’s clear the Seahawks think Jackson didn’t have enough support in Minnesota. They are certainly making him feel welcome in Seattle.


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